Lost Shaker of Salt - Attractions

Hatteras Island offers a wide range of activities.  There are action adventure activities
such as surfing, kite-surfing, kayaking, wind-surfing, trophy fishing and horseback
riding.  There is also the more mellow side of activities such as surf-fishing, beach going,
bird watching, beach walking, hiking, shopping, art galleries, talking with the locals, free
ferry rides, beach fires, history museums and lighthouses.  

Regardless of what you like to do, Hatteras is a safe, and family friendly, destination.  
Here are some links to visitors centers and tourist publication sites.

Outer Banks Visitor Center

Sunny Days Hatteras and Ocracoke Tourist Magazine

Ocracoke Village Visitor Center

Cape Hatteras Light House - National Park Service

Below is the list of our things we take all of our family and friends to see when they come
to visit.  Fun is had by all, so we are calling this list our top 3 must do and eat list while
staying at the Lost Shaker of Salt.

Our Top 3 Must Do List of Attractions:

Ocracoke Island  Take the free ferry out of Hatteras Village to the beautiful island
of Ocracoke.  Ocracoke is a small fishing village with lots of history and folklore.  
The town is centered around the small bay that Blackbeard the pirate used to hide
his ship in.  There are lots of old homes along the side streets that have been
made into cute artsy shops.  Rent a bike and tootle around from place to place.  
Have an ice cream cone while looking out over the bay, or a nice cold beer
watching sunset from the deck at Howard's Pub. You can take the kids on a pirate
adventure, take a sunset sail on the Windfall schooner, captain your own fishing
boat at Restless Native boat rentals, or get some surfing lessons.  Kayak on the
bay or go on a Dolphin site-seeing cruise.  Don't forget the best part, the
beaches!  Take a picnic and plan on having lunch on the Best Beach in  America
2007 - designated by Dr. Beach.  The first 13 miles of Ocracoke are National
Seashore.  That means no development and miles and miles of natural beach and
dunes.  This is a must see day trip destination.  Even the ferry ride is an adventure!

Hatteras Lighthouse and Ocracoke Lighthouse Hatteras Lighthouse is one of
the most famous lighthouses in America.  It is big, and impressive.  There is a
visitor center where you can see the lighthouse, a museum and if you are daring
enough, you can hike all the stairs to the top.  The outside of the lighthouse and
museum are free, there is a small fee to go to the top (check the park service
website for details).  Ocracoke lighthouse is also neat.  You can go inside this one
during open hours.  There is no fee, but you cannot go to the top.  

Beach Fire It is legal in Hatteras to have a small, campfire, on the beach at night
in Hatteras Village.  The fire has to be below the high tide line and you should dig
a pit down in the sand to contain the embers.  Stay far away from the dunes and
as close to the water as possible for safety as the dunes can be very dry at times.  
The park service recommends that you do not bring wood from home as you might
carry foreign species to the OBX, but you can buy wood in town at the local
grocery stores (Burrus Red and White or Lee General ~ approx. $5).  Basically,
use common sense, don't go burning the place down.  Extinguish your fire with
water and cover it with sand before retiring for the night.  A fire on the beach and
some smores can't be beat!

Our Top 3 Must Eat List

Dinning In Hatteras Village, Buxton and Frisco: If you are looking for that,
'Cheeseburger in Paradise', look no further than Hatterasman.  Don't forget the
fries!  Rocco's Italian Restaurant and the Gingerbread House and Bakery have
two of the best pizzas we ever had.  Rocco's has an incredible blend of sauces,
cheese and meat to make a spectacular pizza.  The Gingerbread House just
keeps piling on the toppings and is famous for their choose your own 12 topping
pizza which will definitely require a fork!  The Orange Blossom Bakery has this
island favorite called the 'Apple Ugly' doughnut fritter that is to die for.  If you are
looking for a fancier eatery, then you will most likely want to try Dinky's.  It is small
and romantic.  It has some of the best prime rib and the crab cakes might as well
be called mountains of crab!  In Ocracoke we recommend the Back Porch
Restaurant for romantic dinners or Howard's Pub for a great selection of micro

Seafood There is seafood everywhere.  The charters boats come in with their
catch to Jeffrey's Wholesale to be cleaned around 4-5 p.m. and it is always fun to
go by and see what the catch of the day is.  You will most likely be served the
catch at the restaurant of your choice that evening :)   If you plan on cooking your
own, you can get fresh catches at the Harbour House Seafood.  They are very
friendly, knowledgeable and you will know if it is local catch.  Also, there is Risky
Business seafood behind the Breakwater restaurant.  Burrus Red and White has
a nice selection of shrimp.  Better yet, buy a $10 fishing license and catch your
own fish right from shore or charter a boat and catch yourself a sailfish.  It doesn't
get any better than that!

Ice Cream Ah, my favorite.  There is a great ice cream shop on Ocracoke right
across from the surf shop.  Also, if you are a frozen custard fan, don't miss the
frozen custard shop in Buxton.  Yum Yum.
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