Lost Shaker of Salt - Rental Policy
I Don't Want This Much Organization in My Life......
Rental Policy - (This is a sample - subject to change)
In summary, the cabana is my husbands' and my personal piece of heaven.  We go there all the time.  Please take care of it
as it was your own.  Clean up after yourself and try not to break anything. We abide by the Jimmy Buffett philosophy that "We
do not need this much organization in our lives!"  Unfortunately, we have to write down all the rules so there are no mis-
understandings.  Please read on and sign at the bottom.

Rental Contract:
Rental Contract for Lost Shaker of Salt at Hatteras Cabanas
(56821 Hwy 12 South, Hatteras, NC 27943 - Unit #22)

Please list all the occupants that will be staying at the Lost Shaker of Salt:
Name Age
1 _____________________________________ _________
2 _____________________________________ _________
3 _____________________________________ _________
4______________________________________ _________

1. CHECK-IN TIME IS AFTER 4 p.m. EST and CHECK-OUT is 10 a.m. No Early Check-ins. This agreement does not
create a tenancy or residence. You must depart at the appropriate time.

2. FURNISHINGS – The Lost Shaker of Salt is equipped and furnished to the Owner's taste. All furnishings must remain
inside the rental cabana during stay including chairs, etc. unless otherwise marked as beach/outdoor chairs.

3. LINENS - We really want to be able to make your vacation more convenient by providing one set of sheets per rental.  We
trust the tenants to please take care of our stuff. The linens are not cheap! Please follow the departure policy and bag the
sheets separately upon departure. As long as this is feasible for us, we will provide one set of sheets for the be at no
additional charge. We do reserve the right to revoke this amenity at any time, and no refund of rental monies will be given.  
If this should happen, we will make every effort to contact you so you can prepare to bring your own linens.  If you are using
the spare sleeper sofa as well as the main bed, it is the tennants responsibility to provide the extra set of sheets for the sleeper
sofa.  The sleeper sofa is a full size bed sleeper sofa mattress.  The TENANT MUST SUPPLY TOWELS - We provide one set
of sheets for the bed for INDOOR USE ONLY.  Tenant must bring their own towels and beach towels. If the tenant damages
the linens provided by taking them to the beach or not properly caring for the linens, they will be charged for replacements
out of the damage deposit. Please take care of our stuff so we can keep providing this perk.

4. GRILLING & FIRE – is permitted only in the grill installed on the property. There is absolutely NO GRILLING ON
DECKS, PORCHES, or UNDER UNITS. The use of candles inside and outside the cabana is prohibited. The use of fireworks
are also prohibited.

5. This is a NON-SMOKING unit. Smoking in unit is cause for immediate termination of lease and Tenant will be
charged for damage and cleaning.

6. LOCKED AREAS – The Owner may have locked areas on the premises which the Tenant does not have keys for. This
is the Owners personal storage areas and forced entry into these areas is cause for immediate termination of lease and
Tenant will be charged for damage and/or missing items.

7. MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY – The maximum number of guests for the Lost Shaker of Salt – Cabana #22 is
three (3)
persons. Tenant shall agree not to exceed this maximum occupancy at any time during their stay. All occupants must be
clearly stated at the beginning of this contract. Having additional people not listed on this contract is cause for immediate
termination of this lease and Owner assumes no liability for non-mentioned guests.

8. MINIMUM AGE – All rentals are to families and responsible adults. Tenant signing this contract must be over the age
of 25. Tenant signing this contract must acknowledge that he/she will personally be occupy the property for the entire lease
period and will not sublet and portion of the property. Occupancy restricted to the maximum occupancy as set forth in this
lease. Violation of any of these terms shall give right to termination of lease without refund of rental funds or damage
deposit. Tenant agrees that the property will not be used for any illegal or unlawful purpose. Occupancy and use of the
premises and common areas in such a fashion that disturbs other guests or residents shall be deemed grounds for
termination. We wish you to have an enjoyable vacation, but you must respect the rights of other guests as well.

9. FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS – Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance
payment, deposit, and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in.

10. CARE OF PROPERTY – Tenant is expected to care for the property as if it were their own. Tenants are notified that
the North Carolina "Vacation Rental Act" provides certain obligations to the Tenant regarding care and use of the property
and Tenant agrees to be bound and responsible for the provisions contained therein. In addition, Tenant acknowledges that
unless Owner is notified on the day of check-in of any damage or cleaning concerns, then thereafter, all damages or
concerns to the property during the occupancy will be the Tenants responsibility and must be reported to the Owner and
paid for prior to departure. Rearranging of furniture is not permitted. Tenant must leave the property in a clean condition to
include the following.
a. All trash removed for the cabana.
b. All dishes washed and put away.
c. All floors vacuumed.
d. All door and windows closed and locked.
e. All keys returned to the Owner.
f. All breakage reported to the Owner.
g. Cottage must be left the way you found it.
h. Please bag the used sheets for washing.  There are plastic bags under the sink.
i. All of the tenants’ food they brought is removed from fridges and cupboards. Fridge is wiped down.
Failure to comply will give the Owner the right to deduct appropriate amount from Tenants damage deposit.

11. YOUR STUFF – We are not responsible for your lost, stolen or abandoned items. Please make sure you have all the
belonging you came with before you leave. If you are missing something, call and check to see if it was found. If the item
has been located we will ship it to you for a $25 handling fee.

12. PET POLICY - No pets are allowed of any kind in the rental unit or on the rental property.  Violation of this will be cause
for immediate eviction, and loss of damage deposit.

13. DAMAGE/RESERVATION DEPOSIT – A damage/reservation deposit of $150 is required. This must be received
within seven (7) days of the Tenants' reservation. The deposit automatically converts to a security/damage deposit upon
arrival. The deposit is NOT applied towards rent; however it is fully refundable within (14) days of departure, provided the
following provisions are met.
a. All CARE OF PROPERTY rules stated above are adhered to.
b. No damage is done to the unit or its contents, beyond normal wear and tear.
c. No charges are incurred due to contraband, pets, or collection of rents or services rendered during the stay.
d. All debris, rubbish, and discards are placed in dumpster, and soiled dishes are washed and put away. Refrigerators,
drawers and closets must be cleaned and Tenants things/food must be removed from the premise or thrown away in the
e. The keys are mailed back to the owner and the unit is left locked.
f. All charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure.
g. No linens are lost or damaged.
h. NO early check-in or late check-outs.
i. The renter is not evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner including but not limited to housekeeping), the
local law enforcement, or the property management company employed by Ocean Dunes Condo Association.
k. Linens are properly taken care of and upon departure are bagged appropriately.

14. PAYMENT – An advance payment equal to 50% of the rental rate is required (60) days before arrival. The advance
payment will be applied toward the rent. Please make payments in the form of personal checks. The advance payment is
not a damage deposit. The BALANCE OF RENT is due fourteen (30) days before your arrival.

15. CANCELLATIONS – A sixty (60) day notice is required for cancellation. Cancellations that are made more than
sixty (60) days prior to the arrival date will incur no penalty. Cancellations or changes that result in a
shortened stay, that are made within 60 days of the arrival date, forfeit the full advance payment and the
damage/reservation deposit. Cancellation or early departure does not warrant any refund of rent or deposit.

16. MONTHLY RESERVATION CANCELLATIONS – Monthly renters must cancel one hundred twenty (120) days prior to
check-in. Monthly renters who make a change that results in a shortened stay must be made at least ninety (90) days prior to

17. THIS PROPERTY REQUIRES A THREE (3) NIGHT MINIMUM STAY. Longer minimum stays may be required during
holiday periods. If a rental is taken for less than three days, the guest will be charged the three-night rate.

18. NO DAILY HOUSEKEEPER SERVICE – Daily housekeeping services are not provided or included in the rental

19. RATE CHANGES – Rates are subject to change without notice.

20. WRITTEN EXCEPTIONS – Any exception to the above mentioned policies must be approved in writing in advance.

21. HURRICANE POLICY – In the event of a hurricane, sustained damage from a hurricane, or mandatory evacuations,
the Tenant WILL NOT be entitled to a refund from the Owner for prorated rent for each night that you are unable to occupy
the property because of the mandatory evacuation order. Pursuant to the North Carolina "Vacation Rental Act", you will be
obligated to comply with and vacate the premises upon a mandatory evacuation order. It is the responsibility of the renter to
obtain travel insurance if they desire. We encourage our guests to seek travel insurance. There are many travel insurance
companies to choose from. A common one used in the outer banks is CSA. For a minimal charge travel insurance can be
obtained and is highly recommended. It is the renters responsibility to obtain travel insurance if they choose to do so. No
refunds or re-schedules will be made due to inclement weather, hurricane events, sustained damage from hurricanes, utility
service interruptions, or road closures.

22. WEATHER – Weather on the Outer Banks can be unpredictable. During the "Hurricane Season" you can experience
delays in arriving and evacuations if a storm threatens. The Owner DOES NOT refund rental monies, or re-schedule vacation
stays, for any weather related situation that may occur during or before your stay. It is the renters responsibility to obtain travel
protection insurance through any of the travel protections companies (ie. CSA travel protection).

23. APPLIANCE MALFUNCTIONS – or service request for air conditioning, televisions, remote controls, appliances
etc. will be responded to as quickly as possible. Please call the owner directly is you are experience any major difficulties
during your stay. Every effort will be made to resolve your issue as soon as possible. There are no rebates or refunds issued
to Tenant for any reason as every good faith effort is made to insure the property is maintained to the highest standards.

24. INDEMNITY – The Tenant agrees to release and indemnify the Owner and His/Her Agent from and against al
liability, should anyone be injured upon the premises during the term of the lease, resulting from any cause whatsoever.


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Erin Glenn - Owner - Lost Shaker of Salt

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